Dust suppression

Dust is produced wherever bulk material - sand, coke, coal, mineral ore, for example- is handled or stored. This dust is a burden for nature and humans in equal measure. Dust suppression on bulk material processing plants has become an absolute must to protect environment, nature and humans.
PERROT irrigation systems - the solution for dust immissions.

Application and use of dust suppression

Stock yards
- Stock piles
- Recycling yards
- Bulk handling
- Traffic circulation areas

Stock yards machines
- Bulk material hoppers
- Screeners
- Portal scrapers
- Bridge scrapers
- Combined stacker-reclaimer

Port equipment
- Ship loaders and unloaders

Open cast mining systems
- Bucket wheel excavators
- Stackers
- Belt conveyor systems

PERROT-dust suppression is effected with two systems

a) Sprinkler irrigation using large areas sprinklers on stock yards
Large area sprinklers with IS-station - also available in a heated version for winter use - are applied when large, unobstructed areas have to be irrigated.

b) Nozzle irrigation using nozzle lances and nozzles in bell-shaped housings, on stock yard machines, port equipment and open-cast mining systems.
Dust suppression with nozzles is applied when the irrigated areas are small and the water must be spread with pinpoint accuracy so that water only applied where it is supposed to

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Dust suppression using irrigation


Coal stock


Reloading point and traffic circulation area

Coal stock

Recycling yard


Perrot large-areas sprinkler types ZN 45 W and Typ P2M, mounted on heated and unheated IS control stations


Dust Suppression with Sray Nozzles 


Ship loader and unloader

Bucket wheel excavator

Belt stacker



Discharge hopper

Special nozzles integrated on nozzle lances and in bell-shaped housings.


PERROT Water Supply

Pump stations and water tanks to be mounted on the equipment fully pre-assembled

Stationary pump systems

Controller and pipework


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