Decoder Control

PC for Decoder control system

Minimum AMD Athlon64 or Intel Pentium 4, minimum 1 GHz, minimum 1,024 GB RAM, approx. 40 GB memory on hard drive, operating system Windows 7 Professional SP1, Microsoft Internet Explorer below version 11, serial interface RC 232 (COM1) for the connection with the valve control unit (VCU), network interface card: Ethernet 100 Mbit, VGA colour screen, resolution 1024 x 768/ with laptop 1280 x 800

Smartphone with Satellite Control

You can monitor, control and program your irrigation system with a customary smartphone (OS, Android, Windows).


A computer-aided control program for irrigation.

14 days irrigation list  with repeat function. Four automatic program starts with three start times per day. Duration of irrigation can be programmed upon irrigation density or time. Automatic division into hydraulic groups in order to minimize the loss due to pipe friction. Flow manager for an ideal capacity of the pumps. Pump management with pump decoder is possible for five pumps. The actual value is shown when using pressure or flow sensor. Dialog-driven error correction. All irrigation programms will be recorded.


Additional functions on Greenkeeper system:
Control system can be divided into serveral sections. Up to 1920 stations possible. Pump management for serveral pumps. Serveral irrigation programs can operated simultaneously. Indefinite number of program starts.To scale graphics, zoomable, with interactive symbols which can be placed individually. The first irrigation program based on WEB-technology. Remote control and maintenance thus via the internet. Remote control by means of tablet or smartphone.

Valve control unit Greenkeeper

Computer guided control for irrigation systems consisting of valve control unit (VCU) and software. Programming by means of a PC. Graphic menu with authentical graphical overview of the site with interactice graphic symbols. Control in many European languages. Dataflow from the device to the decoder and with feedback-decoder also response to the control unit.

Valve control unit Satellite

Computer guided control with same basic data as the Greenkeeper control. Extended by some functions and more irrigation stations. Also consisting of valve control unit (VCU) and software


Radio transmitter for wireless communication with PERROT decoder control. Opening and closing of valves, starting and stopping of irrigation programs. Automatic synchronization of valve data. No radio transmission license required in European countries.

Single-station decoder

Transducer to activate or deactivate solenoid valves, valve-in-head sprinklers or pumps. Address of the decoder is arbitrarily programmable. Each decoder can control two solenoid valves. Overvoltage resistance up to 2 KV. LED display informs on current status. Waterproof encapsulation in IP 66.

Multi-station decoder

Same function as the single-station decoder. Decoder with 4 or 6 stations


This decoder has the same basic performances as the single-decoder. In conjunction with a pressure sensor on the solenoid valve or in the pop-up sprinkler this bidirectional decoder can send additional diagnoses to the control than only the information whether water is flowing or not: e.g. short-circuit on the valve coil, broken connection of valve/decoder, no response from decoder or activation of valve coil

Pump decoder

In case of irrigation the pumps are activated by the pump decoder and can be connected or disconnected on request. This can be operated by the pump management of the PERROT deocoder control system.

Decoder programming unit

For programming the decoders this device will be connected to the valve control unit (VCU). Thus the decoders can be programmed with the desired numerical code. The device has a LED display in order to check the coding.

Overvoltage protection

Grounding the valve control unit (VCU) serves as a protection for the irrigation controller against overvoltage (e.g. lightning effects). The unit can be shielded up to an overvoltage of 8 KV. The overvoltage protection consists of a protecting network adapter and a grounding device.

Valve box VBB

Valve boxes protect the solenoid valves, ball valves and decoders installed underground, so that these control elements are acessible from above.
Housing made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic. Green cover, housing cover with screw plugs, two holes each for cables and pipe lines, extensions possible upon request.
Diameter on the top 158 mm

Valve box VBR

Diameter on the top 245 mm

Valve box VBS

Dimensions on the top 428 x 305 mm

Valve-box VBJ

Dimensions on the top 545 x 380 mm