Digital Control

WaterControl+ SC

High-end device provides precise control of irrigation systems for sports fields, hockey pitches and tennis courts, as well as public gardens and parks.
Together with the VP3 with Sector Scout you can control the total number of sector runs.

Short time clock

Individual irrigation stations on site can be activated manually by this clock timer. Thus especially suitable for activating irrigation systems on individual tennis courts without accessing the control system.
The irrigation cycle can be set from 0-15 min.
The short time clock can be used together with the PERROT control system WaterControl+ SC.

Key switch

For the manual start of a preset irrigation programm on the controlling device WaterControl+ SC from the sidelines. Generally for irrigation schedules before and after the match and during half-time for the quick irrigation on the field.


Mini-Click is a "must" for all automatic irrigation systems. In case of natural precipation, it automatically prevents the ground from being irrigated needlessly.
Mini-Click can be connected to all PERROT control systems. No programm changes are necessary. Interruption and restart will follow automatically.