Solenoid valves

MVR 3" solenoid valve

Application areas

Heavy duty cast iron solenoid valve for use in irrigation systems, particulary on synthetic turf sports pitches

Suitable for high pressure up to 10 bar and water with little contanimation. Set up to connection to PERROT control system WaterControl+ SC or the decoder control system

MVR 1" - 2 " Solenoid valve

Application areas

Heavy duty red brass solenoid valve for applications in irrigation systems, particulary for sports turf.

Suitable for high pressure of up to 12.5 bar. Set up for connection to PERROT feedback decoder control system. Available in three sizes: 1" - 1 1/2" - 2". Power supply 24 V-AC. Self cleaning backwash filter with internal makes it suitable for both clean and dirty water. Manual control.